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Happy news, but please don’t be disappointed :)

Well, maybe more happy for me than you – my son Jonathan was born on 15th of October (this is our number 3). This joyful occasion is the main reason, why things have slowed own on the Fractview side (oh, … Continue reading

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Lyapunov Fractals

Lyapunov fractals are very interesting. The basic formula rx(1 – x) is well-known from Bifurcation diagrams. In Mandelbrot sets, the parameter r is the current point (in fact, this is the Lambda preset). Nonetheless these fractals look completely different from … Continue reading

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Fractview Release of 3.2.2, DeviantArt-Group and perspectives

So, I released version 3.2.2 some days ago, and I hope that you enjoy the increased stability, the tutorial and the import-export function of favorites. Again, here is a link to some of my exports. You can download it onto … Continue reading

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On Fold: Part 3 (Lake)

So far, in this series only dealt with points for which the fractal diverges, i.e. the values of the orbit are unbounded. But this does not capture the lake of fractals like the Mandelbrot Set, or Newton and Nova fractals. … Continue reading

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On Fold (Part 2: Geometric functions)

I left off with two nice pictures that used a bit more complex fold functions. So, a natural question is, what other functions can we use? In the backing programming language I added some functions that represent graph primitives. These … Continue reading

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It’s been some time…

… and in the last 3 weeks I noticed that the numbers of users is suddenly sky rocketing. I do not know why but I am very thankful and happy that my app pleases so many users. Thus, I want … Continue reading

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Light and Fold preset – preparing the update to 3.1

I am preparingĀ I just relased an update with some minor changes, but in particular one change that might affect some people: If you experience regular crashes (I don’t, but I got some bug reports), please test the beta version. It … Continue reading

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