Happy news, but please don’t be disappointed :)

Well, maybe more happy for me than you – my son Jonathan was born on 15th of October (this is our number 3). This joyful occasion is the main reason, why things have slowed own on the Fractview side (oh, and we just moved to a new home two months ago…) – apart from that the next Fractview update will be basically a complete rewrite of the app and therefore involves a lot of work.

I therefore want to share with you what has happened in the past months with Fractview and in which direction it is heading.

Modularized development

I have split up development amongst multiple projects; I use a completely new compiler for the backing programming language and there will be some new language features. The advantage is that major updates are much easier this way and I consider the backing logic behind the UI to be feature complete and in beta status.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that using this modular development, I was able to implement a feature that allows to view and edit multiple fractals on one screen. And this is just amazing and a lot of fun. Let me show you a screenshot of my current test version:


The fractal uses “iabs z ^ 3 + p” as function and its julia sets look just weird. And, you can edit the julia parameter interactively in the mandelbrot set  (YES! It works, it was a lot of work but totally worth it!) and thereby explore all julia sets using the mandelbrot set. And of course other parameters can be modified too. It is really fun and I guess this will be the biggest thing in the next major version.

UI Changes

Apart from the ability to view two screens side by side (theoretically, you could view as many as you want but I just don’t know how to do a reasonable menu in that case), everything is now full screen. The controls are sliding in from the side – the app menu from the left and the parameter menu on the right (if you use a right-to-left font it will be the other way round if I understood Android’s documentation correctly.)

Here, take a look:


Neat, hm? Ah, and also, if in a fractal a parameter is useless (for instance all the light parameters if you don’t use the light effect), it will not be shown.

So, I cannot really promise when I would finish the update but every day I get some minutes  of progress on Fractview, and the good news is that as of this week I managed to clear out all major bugs concerning drawing and interactively editing points. The “only” thing left is to re-implement/adapt the UI-part.

So, bottom line

Most importantly: Mother and baby are doing fine apart from the usual 🙂

And, maybe more interesting for you: There is of course plenty of life in Fractview, plenty of active development, and there are amazing new features around the corner, I just cannot make many promises where the corner is, but I will now keep you up-to-date more frequently. Until then, thank you for all these amazing reviews and your suggestions for improvements. None of it is lost, I collect them all.

So, thank you for your patience, cheers and happy fractaling 🙂

All the best to you all,


P.S: Fractview is completely open source and hosted on github. Currently development happens in the meelan2-feature (Meelan is the programming language that I developed for Fractview) branch and if you want an update from the source, just look at the commits.

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3 Responses to Happy news, but please don’t be disappointed :)

  1. Simon Ferre says:

    Great news, and even though it has been several months, I say congratulations. Being the chap from fractal forums who found and put ny name to the Sinonbrot, I’m surprised to only find this current version of dractview and this website recently.


  2. Simon Ferre says:

    I hit submit too soon (and didn’t correct the errors). I can’t wait for the latest version, but I wonder if you’ve considered adding the perturbation method of calculation to your program? The speed would be immense, and I don’t think any other fractal app on Android does it alteady. I’m not sure how easy that would be, though.


  3. Simon Ferre says:

    Great news, and even though it has been several months since your child’s birth, I still say congratulations. Being the chap from fractal forums who found and put my name to the Simonbrot, I’m surprised to only find this current version of fractview and this website recently. I’ve a very old version of fractview on my phone for some time.

    Have you considered adding the perturbation method of calculating to your program? As far as I can see, there isn’t currently an Android app that supports it. I guess the source of Kalles Fraktaker is available to use as a reference.


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