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3.2.1… update!

Hello, just rolling out a minor update and although it only brings minor changes, it should be a major relief for most. So, what changed? First, bug fixes. Some small issues like the cancel button on the waiting dialog when … Continue reading

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About syntax trees and dynamic binding/polymorphism

I am interested in Parsers, Syntax trees, term rewriting and all that. And whenever I implement some syntax tree, I stumble across one programming problem: We all know of the advantages of polymorphism over instanceof in object oriented programming languages … Continue reading

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On Fold: Part 3 (Lake)

So far, in this series only dealt with points for which the fractal diverges, i.e. the values of the orbit are unbounded. But this does not capture the lake of fractals like the Mandelbrot Set, or Newton and Nova fractals. … Continue reading

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