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FractInt in Fractview Part 1: Mandelbrot, Burning Ship, Tricorn, Lambda and Barnsley 1/2/3

This topic will consist of mulitple parts. It will be a collection on nice fractals using the Mandelbrot presets and as one source I will mainly use FractInt’s formula collection but also other stuff I find. Some fractals are out of … Continue reading

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Copy/Paste of Fractals

Fractview allows you to copy the current settings into other programs. For this purpose, there is “copy” in the menu. This puts some text into the clipboard that you can simply paste into any other program (I used Google Hangout … Continue reading

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Some word on presets and the Mandelbrot Preset

EDIT: Variables marked with a * changed in version 2.25 So, Fractview is actually interpreting programs. There are multiple such programs as presets and each of them can serve as a start for exploring the world of fractals or other … Continue reading

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So, let’s get this started… (Technical background of Fractview)

Hello, this is a blog about this app that I’ve implemented and that I am actually quite proud of. It is called Fractview and you can generate all kinds of images with it. It’s free and open source. Here is a screenshot … Continue reading

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