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Here be dragons…

Hello, will release a new beta in the next days – mainly technical updates and bug fixes, but this will be the last purely technical update. So next stop will be some new features. But in the meantime, here is … Continue reading

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Beta version 3.2.3

Hi, just a quick note: Since I noticed that there was a significant amount of crashes in newer Android versions I checked and fixed a bug. About the details: On Android 7 and 8 the app might crash if you … Continue reading

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Release candidate for 3.2.2 – Quickstart Tutorial and some of my favorites

In the next days I will publicly publish version 3.2.2 of Fractview. This version will bring improvements on the precision of functions (still 32 bit but the number range is now much higher), the export function for favorites and a … Continue reading

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Update, new Beta-Version 3.2.2

EDIT: For some people the updated app crashes right after start (this is something that Intel users unfortunately always experienced). This is caused by renderscript and it is already fixed with the next update. I did not find the bug … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Part 1: Quickstart

I currently spend too much time programming and not enough time to explain all the possibilities of Fractview. Yet, I guess the bad reviews that point out that the app is not that easy to use have a point, so … Continue reading

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3.2.1… update!

Hello, just rolling out a minor update and although it only brings minor changes, it should be a major relief for most. So, what changed? First, bug fixes. Some small issues like the cancel button on the waiting dialog when … Continue reading

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