Fractview Release of 3.2.2, DeviantArt-Group and perspectives

So, I released version 3.2.2 some days ago, and I hope that you enjoy the increased stability, the tutorial and the import-export function of favorites. Again, here is a link to some of my exports. You can download it onto your phone and then import it in Favorites.

These are actually my favorite images that I generated with Fractview so far that also are calculated in a reasonable amount of time. And speaking of favorite images, Matthew, who helped a lot with feedback during the release of Version 3.2.2, started a Fractview-group on DeviantArt.

I also removed many feedback messages that I think were mostly annoying (it is good to know that Fractview draws the mandelbrot set in less than 1 second, but I think that the progress bar is enough feedaback).

And some new types: Geometric shapes for the Fold-Program, two variations of the Simonbrot fractal and distance estimation for the mandelbrot set (also in Fold).

About the import/export

Technically, the export format is Json, and Fractview now uses the gson library to export data. So, you can easily manipulate these files and re-import them (the icons take up most of it, it is a PNG-file encoded as Base64). You also can find online Json Editors.

The import/export function works fast and reliable in my experience (takes a few seconds if you import/export 1000 entries). There are no directories or tags to arrange your collection but you can set a common prefix for all selected entries (if you import a new collection, the imported entries are automatically selected) and this way simulate a file structure.

About the tutorial

The tutorial is work in progress and it will be extended in the future. Please help me improving it by providing feedback on typos, grammar mistakes etc… I will add a few more pages in the not-too-distant future, for instance a list of all functions that are supported by Fractview.

About the increased stability and some numbers

First, apologies to all Intel users. I don’t know why Renderscript (the GPU-programming-language used by Android) does not work on Intel phones but I am afraid it is out of my hands. For all others, there are already 1500 installations of the new version and no crash report yet. According to the google play store, there are currently 4556 users. On average there are about 50 new users per month (welcome).

What is next?

Next, I will not work on Fractview for some weeks :D. These last weeks I definitely spent too much time on it. There was a lot of code polishing and the code base of Fractview is now nice and solid for further extensions. So, after a break I will work on new features. This is a list of some ideas that I currently have. It is not complete and not all features will be implemented.

Version 3.3

Minor changes: Fix all crashes that come up until then, add further fractals to the presets.

Then the following improvements:

  • Parameter editor: Yes, it is actually annoying: Tap “Edit”, tap the value, change value, tap ok, tap ok. So, high priority is to integrate the parameters in the main view using some transparent swipeable view. So, tap “Edit”, tap value, tap ok and already see changes in the background. Swipe away edit view.
  • Show wait-dialog when importing/exporting large collections.
  • Allow to copy/paste parameters directly from the context menu.
  • Show a coordinate system: This will be fun, some maths.
  • Allow to export sources and palettes similar to Favorites import/export.
  • Improve Source Editor. If you use the source editor, you have my heart-felt apologies.
  • Allow variable maps in derivations (necessary for generic distance estimation).
  • And, I want a new icon (suggestions are welcome).

Version 3.4

A render-mode for really arbitrary large images that are rendered in some background demon. Maybe even support for videos (but on the other hand, it is still a mobile phone… but who knows…).

Version 3.5

I am currently re-implementing the Meelan compiler. Hence, there will be some improvements for the programs that generate fractals.

  • Better descriptions of parameters
  • Syntax highlighting for the source editor
  • Better support for syntax errors.
  • Classes
  • More possiblilties to merge fractals.
  • It should be possible to create some kind of fractal-toolbox – for example use fold and orbit traps and combine it with lyapunov fractals.
  • Dragging parameters on-screen
  • Maybe a split-screen approach to view Julia sets next to mandelbrot sets.

Version 3.9

Preparation for version 4

  • Change the drawing procedure to automatically use super-sampling and depth information (3D).

Version 4

Allow do change colors and lights by using drag-and-drop gestures. This would be sooo cool and I hope that Fractview will reach this point within a year or so.

Lots of dreams, but we will see where the journey is taking us. For now I am very happy that Fractview gives joy to so many people.

And there is no picture here. Huh. So, here is a green one. Remember when I used geometric shapes in the Fold Program? In this picture I use the z-value as one point on the line that I use for the shape. This leads to very nice curvey images. You will find this image also in my favorite 16.fractview1479425740.png

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