This blog is about the free, open source Android app Fractview. The app itself has some nice features and is very extensive. The purpose of this blog is to support you with the application, give you nice suggestions and of course plain entertainment.

Fractview is and always will be open source and ad-free. If you want to show your appreciation, you can donate some amount via paypal.


From version 3.2.2, Fractview supports exports and imports of collections. Here is a list of some collections:

If you have a public link to your collection, I would love to add it to this list.


Fractview now ships with a tutorial. Here are its contents:

Images created with Fractview

Find some high-resolution images of the app here:


Updates and Suggestions

Being the single developer of this app with family and job it might sometimes take a bit of time between updates. If you have suggestions, please send them to me. I collect all suggestions in a central document and even if I do not add a feature immediately, it will not be lost.

My original intention was to create a fractal app that I would want to use. I am glad to share this enthusiasm with so many other people. Thank you for your interest in my app.

— Karl


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