Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

Hello, dearest Fractview user,

I wish you a merry christmas, and thank you all for the rising numbers in users, improving reviews and all these lovely images on Facebook, Instragram, DeviantArt and many more. In case you don’t have a christmas tree, I attach two fractals that use a (simple) christmas tree as an orbit trap. Although the version using the mandelbrot set is not that spectacular (until you light it, but that is only allowed on christmas eve 😉 ), there are amazing julia sets. See my favorite phoenix set for yourself:

xmas phoenix.png

Switch on lights to obtain an amazing 3d effect.

I hope you can enjoy your holidays with your loved ones. For the new year, there are some amazing updates pending (no color cycling yet, but how about orbit traps in lyapunov fractals?).



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