Release candidate for 3.2.2 – Quickstart Tutorial and some of my favorites

In the next days I will publicly publish version 3.2.2 of Fractview. This version will bring improvements on the precision of functions (still 32 bit but the number range is now much higher), the export function for favorites and a tutorial. Since copy/paste of the tutorial into wordpress and keep it up-to-date is a lot of work, please check it out on github. Please tell me about typos and suggestions.

There were some improvements on handling multiple imports/exports. I thought of adding a tag-system or directory structure, but in the end, I just allow to export/edit multiple entries based on common prefixes. This is good enough to simulate a small directory structure while still being not too over-complicated.

And in order to test it, here are my personal favorites, a nice selection of 16 fractals that I collected over the last years. Some of them you will also find on deviantArt.

Collection of 16 of my favorites

Download this text file (it is a Json file, icons are in PNG format, encoded as Base64), then select “Import collection” from favorites.

The new version is very stable on my phone, so I call it “Release candidate”. There might be some additional fractal types but it is definitely feature complete.

And if you missed the link above:

Link to the quickstart tutorial

And, some people asked whether I accept dontations, yes, I do, just follow this link.

— Karl

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