Tutorial: Part 1: Quickstart

I currently spend too much time programming and not enough time to explain all the possibilities of Fractview. Yet, I guess the bad reviews that point out that the app is not that easy to use have a point, so the next version, beta will be rolled out in hopefully around two weeks, will contain a tutorial. I am still a single person, so please don’t hope for a fancy interactive guide but rather a nice webview that explains some features. And since this is something that all 4446 users will see, I hope that you can help me: I will publish the tutorial here and ask you for comments whether you consider it appropriate, whether there are spelling mistakes or some sentence has a bad structure (years of teaching computer science in german leaves its traces).

So, let’s start with Part 1. It is complete apart from two screenshots of the Presets/Demo menu (I will rename it to “Demo” in the next version) and the Favorites menu – in both there is some polishing going on.

EDIT: Since it requires a lot of work to keep the tutorial up-to-date, please use the following link: Fractview Tutorial on Github


— Karl

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