3.2.1… update!

Hello, just rolling out a minor update and although it only brings minor changes, it should be a major relief for most.

So, what changed? First, bug fixes.

Some small issues like the cancel button on the waiting dialog when you save the image. But there were some annoying crashes that should be fixed now:

Crash when image size is too large

The app does not restrict the image size, and I keep it this way. But there were two bugs that caused a crash either when the image was larger that what the UI can handle (around 8000×6000) or when there was not enough memory available.

Both should be gone. On my Nexus 5X, I now can try to set the image size to 90000×50000 and a friendly error message tells me that this is too much instead of a crash. The largest I get right after starting the app is 9000×5000 (no kidding) which slows down the UI a lot but it works. I’ll attach an image as a proof. Image sizes around 4000×3000 right after start should not be a problem. I guess that if the app runs for some time or you run memory consuming background apps, the app might not match these numbers, but at least, you now can try without risking a crash.

Crash when saving a palette with an empty name

Second, if you saved a palette with an empty name, the palette editor crashed when you wanted to load one. This should not happen anymore.

Crash when entering a too large integer

And third, another annoying bug, if you enter an integer with more than 8 digits, the app crashes. The crash is gone. There will be some further update on this topic in the future though.

New features: UI Settings and fractal types

There are two new options in UI-Settings: “Confirm zoom” means that you have to tap the image to confirm your scale setting, and “Deactivate zoom” deactivates all interactions with the fractal view.

Also, I added some perpendicular fractal types.

What’s next?

There are some things in progress: back up all favorites, allow to add a favorite when you save an image, and the underlying compiler for my little program language receives a lot of attention currently. Apart from that I have a lot of ideas, and I hope I will find the time to implement some of them. On my GitHub page you can find a list of issues that I want to fix. As usual, please tell me if you miss anything.

Btw some statistics: until October my app had around 300 users. Around Christmas the number skyrocketed beyond 2000. Now there are 4400 active users and great reviews. Thanks to all of you, also for your feedback and reviews.
Enjoy the update,


P.S. here is the 9000×5000 picture. Set image size right after start up, be patient with the UI and not too much interaction. It took me 2 minutes to enter the filename 😀

Btw, it is a zoom into the MinMax Orbit Trap with the trapfn “dist(z, znext)”.


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5 Responses to 3.2.1… update!

  1. edwardcoffey says:

    Any chance you could add a Fractint-like distance estimation preset to help produce the kinds of images shown here: http://iquilezles.org/www/articles/distancefractals/distancefractals.htm
    I tried implementing it myself and the results were…not promising.


  2. searlesat says:

    Actually, it is possible to use distance estimation using the fold-preset. foldvalue takes over the use of dz. I will create an article about this following the next update (I will add a preset on this).


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